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The first thing I ever fell in love with was Interior Architecture. From as far back as I can remember my brain was Fascinated with it.

I use to daydream in Elementary school of how I would rearrange my room when I got home - with piece of paper I would sketch out how I want to move things around.  The funny thing was with it's being the early #90s ; I had a sweet waterbed which essentially is an Interior designers nightmare. I was limited to just moving my desk and dresser and all the detail on top of it. You have no idea how many time Is would move those back and fourth. I think I was my mothers' worst nightmare. 

That was just the beginning of my love affair with design. I love looked in JCPenny catalogs, pottery barn - anything that showed you what a space could look like. As a child I never knew that you could actually do that for a living. Even take it a step further and become an Interior Designer. So, that's exactly what I did. My love for looking at Interior spaces hasn't faded one bit. You don't even want know how many hours I spend looking at the newest Pottery Barn catalog when it comes in the mail. Or how many of them I cannot part with. 


All that being said - My mom has a passion for building her own furniture.



I'm not completely in love with these picture. I prefer a lot of natural night. And the Pacific Northwest wasn't cooperating that day. 


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